Filming Locations for Drugstore Cowboy - Notes

For locations where there is substantial change since 1989, I looked for landmarks that I can infer location from. For the Bob in the rail yard Super 8 shots, this involved using the Wells Fargo Building (First Interstate), Hilton, and PacWest Building. Where these three buildings overlap, a line of site can be determined and followed north. This scene was shot in what is now the middle of the block between 11th and 12th Avenues and Kearney and Lovejoy Streets. I took the photograph from the corner of Kearney and 11th Ave.

Below are some historical aerial photographs with line of shot drawn in red. The northwest end of the rail yards was at 12th Avenue and Lovejoy Street. Landmarks can be culled from the pictures - the building Bob's head intersects for example that can be seen in the first image on the top left. Finally, the Google Street view picture shows the 'Maytag' building that can be seen on the right of the screenshot.

Next up is the Hat on the Bed Super 8 scene. I used the same principles above; the Wells Fargo Building (First Interstate), Hilton, and PacWest Buildings for line of shot orientation. The old Lovejoy Viaduct is in the foreground with the 10th Ave ramp visible. What is indeterminable is the distance setback from the rail yards. I chose to take the current picture close to Naito (Front), where Savier and 12th would intersect Naito.

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